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@m00nsho and @n8zwn

Hours of Operation

 1:00p – 5:00p  Tuesday
 8:00a – 4:00p  Wednesday
 8:00a – 4:00p  Thursday
        Closed  Friday

Minibadge Details

To earn a Red Team minibadge, you must participate in our CTF event, or come and tell us about your first shell access.



The Red Team Community is where you can come to learn and experience security testing offense.  We teach tools, trends and tactics of offensive security techniques, and provide guidance on appropriate use to keep it all “legal”.

In the Red Team community, we will be offering several scenarios for you to use, learn, and fine-tune some exploitation skills.

Our Main Events

We will be hosting a mini Capture The Flag (CTF) event with several challenges which include:

  • Scanning and Enumerating exploitable services
  • Exploiting vulnerable services
  • Gaining shells
  • Local privilege escalation
  • Active Directory Enumeration and Exploitation
  • Web Application attacks
  • and SO MUCH MORE!

Prizes will be awarded for top finishers in the CTF events. 

** This is not an official SAINTCON Contest and not eligible for any SAINTCON award.

Laptops running Kali Linux will be available for use, or you are welcome to bring your own systems and tools.

Getting Started

To have the best experience with the Red Team community, we encourage you to spend some time becoming familiar with many of the tools and systems used in this area of cyber-security.  Here are a few topics and links that might be helpful to get started.

This linux distribution comes with most of the important Red-Team tools installed and ready to go with little to no efforts.  There are several tutorial videos available on YouTube.