Hackers Challenge | SAINTCON 2020

About the Hackers Challenge Contest

The Hackers Challenge contest is an event held annually during the SAINTCON conference to challenge your skills as a security professional by presenting players with technology, logical, and security related puzzles and challenges.

Roughly defined, the Hackers Challenge contest is a Jeopardy-like progressive game where players are presented with puzzles that require various security and technical skills to solve. Attendees work on these challenges and submit keys collected from solving them in order to earn points. The person with the highest score at the end of the contest wins.


If you need help completing a challenge ask for assistance on the #HackersChallenge channel in Discord.


For me details on scoring and gameplay please see the game server.

The rules for the Hackers Challenge are loosely defined, but strictly include the following:


The SAINTCON Hacker's Challenge admins reserve the right to disqualify and/or change scores for participants who violate the game rules or participate in unprofessional conduct. We reserve this right without right of dispute or for any other reason we feel is appropriate or prudent.

Also be warned: We have ways of monitoring cheating, sharing of flags, and other shenanigans that might go on. Get away with it... Good for you! Get caught, your score will suffer.