Workspace Tours | SAINTCON 2020

Who's Slide is it anyway?

Come, take a break from life, pull off your shoes, turn off your brain, relax, and laugh. Watch some of the SAINTCON greats present on slides they've never seen before. Guaranteed to contain awkward silence, bewildered geniuses, and likely a little cursing. This is good clean entertainment for the masses.
Volunteers will be taken on the second half of each session to try their luck at the game

Tuesday 2:00 PM

Wednesday 4:00 PM Thursday 10:00

Scheduled sessions have pre-arranged presenters. We will be doing ad-hoc open-mic sessions throughout the con to let anyone try their hand at "Whose slide is it anyways?". Whether you want to participate, or just get some laughs, keep your eye on discord for announcements about these pickup opportunities.

Presenters are still being finalized. Check back here for updated lists.