Hardware Hacking

Have a device you’d like to hack? Want to rip the firmware off an MCU or read the data off a flash chip? Or maybe you’d like to change how a toy behaves or design your own basic logic circuit? Learn how digital logic circuits work and how various embedded protocols work in the Hardware Hacking NG lab. 

Found some test pins on a board and want to figure out what they do? Drop by and use our tools to read, sniff, and scope different embedded protocols such as UART, I2C, SPI, JTAG, and SWD. 

The Hardware Hacking NG lab is a place for hacking hardware, circuit bending, and protocol snooping. We always have interesting devices available for those who want to practice hardware attacks. Additionally, If you have an embedded device of your own that you always wanted to know how it works or wanted to alter bring it by!

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@Hamster and @Professor Plum