Utah Home Labs is a community of IT professionals and hobbyists who sharpen their skills for their $dayjob while building cool stuff at home. Solutions range from very budget-friendly desktop hardware that is re-purposed; to cramming enterprise hardware in their mechanical rooms to avoid upsetting their co-habitants with fan noises. The UHL community will be a space where you can talk about projects you are working on, try your hand at some automations, and snag some flags for the hacker challenge by participating in some of our workload challenges. 

Members of the community will be in the space to assist with project ideas, budget ideas, troubleshooting, showing-off their setups, debating best bang for the buck hardware deals, and everything in-between. If you ever wanted to see a Hyper-Converged lab with 40 Gbps networking, a bunch of cores and memory salvaged from the dumpster, and random SSD’s cobbled together to build something that can rival commercial solutions in terms of performance; this is a community for you. If you are just getting started, we have all walked the learning path and are happy to help you not repeat our mistakes.

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