6:00p-9:00p     October 27, 2022

At the Utah Valley Convention Center – Provo, Utah

Brought to you by the SAINTCON Widows

About Family Night

SAINTCON Family Night is an official event to allow Attendees to bring their kids and with our help, teach them critical-thinking, creative-outlet, and imagination skills in a fun and interesting way.

During this event, we provide Internet Safety presentations for kids and parents, We provide soldering stations and classes for kids to put together electronic badges and minibadge.  We also provide several STEM-based activities like: Drone Flying, Nerf™ Gun modifications, Presentations by Kids, Lockpicking demonstrations and classes, and so much more.

SAINTCON Family Night is for kids sixteen (16) years old and younger.  Children under four (4) and up to two (2) adults per family get in free without a “Kids Kit”.  Pre-registration is required, no onsite ticket purchases are available.

Registration Is Currently Closed.

Costs and Registration

Costs to attend SAINTCON Family Night will be:


Fees cover the hard-costs of the “Kids Kit” for the event which includes:

  • Kids-Size T-Shirt
  • Kids-Zone Access Badge (Electronic)
  • Kid-Zone MiniBadge
  • Hacker Stickers
  • SAINTCON Minecraft™ Server Invitation

All kids must be accompanied by at least one adult with a SAINTCON Conference badge.

Family Night FAQ

Can I as an Adult, order a Kid’s Kit?


You absolutely can, and most adults do.  Please keep in mind that tee shirts for Family Night do not come in normal adult sizes, so you may miss out on that opportunity.

Just also remember that they are not necessary for you to accompany your child into the event.

Can I just drop off my child at Family Night?


We understand that older children can usually manage themselves well, but for liability purposes, SAINTCON does not have appropriate staff to properly care for unaccompanied children.

All children MUST be accompanied by an adult!

I don’t have any kids, can I come alone?

We prefer you don’t…

The focus of this event is for kids to have the “Hacking Experience” and having extra adults around can sometimes detract from that mission.

Do they have to be “My Kids”?


This event is for all kids who might be interested in what we do at SAINTCON.  As long as they are pre-registered, you may include children from outside your direct family-unit, but should be of some relation to you (niece, nephew, cousin, etc.)

Can I bring a youth-group instead of my kids?

Please don’t…

The mission of this event is to focus on Attendees, and their families or extended family. 

We are not interested in expanding that scope at this time.

Future plans include a large summer-time event which will be a better forum for youth-groups, clubs, etc.

Who are the SAINTCON Widows?

The SAINTCON Widows are a group of women which initially formed out of a desire to be involved, instead of being a “widow” because their spouse is planning, or attending SAINTCON.

The Widows have since evolved into a group of incredible women with several areas of focus, including the planning and execution of the SAINTCON Family Night event.