October  18th – 22nd
Utah Valley Convention Center
Provo, Utah 

The following registration options are available for 2021.
Please pick the one that is best for you.

Please understand the changes in our COVID response requirements before registering.

Full Conference Pass

  • Full Conference Access
  • Electronic Badge
  • All Conference Materials
  • Access to all Trainings
How does SAINTCON determine registration costs?

SAINTCON is run as a cost-recovery event, meaning we charge the attendees what it costs for us to run the conference each year.   As you can imagine costs for an event like this can be large.  This year the basic breakdown for each registration is this:

  • $80 for Keynotes and Trainings.
  • $80 for Conference Materials. (badge, swag, etc.)
  • $60 for Venue Costs. (convention center)
  • $20 for Event Materials. (solder, parts, etc.)
  • $25 for Contingency and next year startup costs.
  • $90 for Meal Plan.
How do I get a refund?

We are able to give refunds if your plans change up to 45 days prior to the event.  After this time, we will have committed to costs for materials and things that make it problematic for us to give refunds.

If you are seeking a refund after our refund deadline, we will certainly be willing to consider it, but would ask for your understanding if only a partial refund is available.

To request a refund, please request it here:

How do I transfer a ticket to someone else?

Paid registrations can be transferred to other individuals up until they are used to check-in to the conference.   If you are unable to attend and wish to give your seat to someone else, you can use the link below to start that process.  (This only applies to paid registrations, not volunteer, speaker, black-badge, scholarship or other free registrations.  These are all non-transferable)

What discount categories are there?

Because SAINTCON is a cost-recovery conference, we basically price the conference at what it costs us to have it be successful each year.

However we understand that some individuals still find our costs a bit out of reach, especially if they do not have an employer helping to cover those costs.   As a result we have the following options available:

  • SAINTCON Scholarship Program which provides free tickets to students or other qualifying individuals.
  • Volunteer Program where you can help at the conference and attend for free.
  • Presenter/Trainer Program where you can present a talk or training and attend for free.

We are willing to consider any other well-justified discounts, but logistically (due to the conference growth) it is something we now tend to not have staff resources to manage.  If you think that you are unable to attend without a discounted ticket, and are not able to use any of the current programs mentioned above, you can make a discount request here:

What is the “Community Support” ticket option?

This option is the response to many requests by people that ask each year how they can support the UtahSAINT Community.  This ticket is virtually the same as the Full Conference Pass + food, but adds an extra $95 to help the organization cover other costs like:

  • Community Events like Kids Night
  • Security Briefings Equipment
  • Monthly costs like: Storage, Legal, Accounting, and other costs.

The UtahSAINT Organization does not have a payroll, and nobody benefits individually from these or other organization funds.

What if I want a badge but can not attend SAINTCON?

If you purchase a ticket (free tickets do not qualify) to SAINTCON before badges sell out and are unable to attend, we will ship the badge to the address you used when you registered for the conference.

SAINTCON is a production of the UtahSAINT Organization which is a 501(c)(6) non-profit.
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