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Come get your LAN on, and experience this classic event.

LAN Party – Bring your rigs!

Everything you need to know…

We’ll have a variety of games available, including StarCraft, Cursed Halo, Battlefield 1942, Minecraft, Overwatch 2, League of Legends, Rocket League, PayDay 2, and others. And if there’s a particular game you’d like to play, let us know during the LAN Party and we’ll make a way for us to vote on new games.
In order to fully participate in the LAN Party, we recommend bringing a computer that is capable of running the games you want to play. If you don’t have a gaming computer, don’t worry – you can still join in on the fun by playing games that are less resource-intensive. We have some laptops that can be borrowed to play and a lot of the games we’re going to be playing can be played on an iGPU. 
PLEASE bring a Windows PC. No one is going to kick you out if you play on Linux or MacOS, but you will have a better experience with the group.
In addition to a computer, there are a few other things that can be helpful to have at a LAN Party:
  • A mouse: Don’t try to play with a trackpad
  • Headphones
  • Snacks and drinks: While we’ll be providing pizza and drinks, you’re welcome to bring your own snacks and beverages if you have specific preferences.
  • Mousepad


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