The following presentations are locked in to be presented at SAINTCON 2021.  More content is being added every day as we review and approve them for the conference.  Check back frequently for updates.

Mining Cloud Resources for Initial Access via Serverless Services

Bryce Kunz


Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.) providers make the sharing of resources as easy and convenient as the push of a button, but how often do users unintentionally also share sensitive information which would enable an attacker and/or red teamer to gain a foothold into the targeted cloud environment? Join us in this action-packed session, where we will explore a few practical cloud-centric attack vectors, which may have disastrous consequences for unprepared organizations.


Jeremey Cox


Tips and Tricks for your PaloAlto Firewall. Automate security tasks, gather intelligence, and all without spending a bunch on expensive subscriptions.

Why climb the corporate ladder when hacking the elevator is more fun?

Matt Lorimer


Bring your career questions to ask @d1dymu5, @sketrik, @AlicesLabyrinth, and @sj. @zodiak will moderate this panel where you will learn how to successfully take the next step in your career, whether that means first job, your next job, a promotion/raise, or finding that last jump to carry you through to retirement. We will answer your questions about careers, advancement, negotiating, resumes, and more with informal, fun discussions and stories.

How to build a conference network (2021)

Tristan Rhodes


How was the SAINTCON network designed? What did it take to put it all together? What interesting traffic and analytics have you seen? What lessons have been learned? Find answers to these questions or bring your own questions.

Hackers Challenge Shakedown

Josh Galvez


What went down, what rocked, what stumped you. We’ll walkthrough the highlights of the game, and solve some of the puzzles.

Security Definitions 101

Troy Jessup


Come and find out what the crap everyone is saying in the security world!

The Social Engineer Meets Naturalistic Crypsis

Seth Johnson


Nature is cool and teaches us a lot about heuristics and social engineering. Let’s exploit it.

Practical Password Cracking

Kenton McDaniel


A lot of people approach password cracking as a total brute force and fail to correctly categorize the probability of a password being cracked based on a well crafted and thought out dictionary attack augmented with rules and/or with masks.

Ransomware Tabletops – Choose your own adventure

Devin Shelley


Grab the attention of your C-suite by having them fully engaged in a choose your own adventure style tabletop exercise and shows how damaging Ransomware can be while teaching about the many variables in play.

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