Call For Committee

UtahSAINT Members,

I am pleased to announce the 2018 Call for Committee process for this year's SAINTCON Conference. We often get asked by members how you can get involved in the planning and execution of the SAINTCON Conference. This is one of those opportunities. I encourage you to PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE MESSAGE before you respond, it will help you understand how to get involved, and what is expected with the various levels of involvement.

At this time we are just doing a CALL FOR COMMITTEE. The Committee members are collectively the highest level authority for conference planning and execution. They carry the most responsibilities and are responsible for a major function of the conference. The time requirements are pretty intense, especially as we get closer to the actual event.

The following positions on the Committee are open for new participants for 2018:

  • Presenter/Keynote/Trainer Acquisition, Scheduling, and Support (DETAILS BELOW)
  • Network/Wireless Deployment and Monitoring (DETAILS BELOW)
  • Quartermaster, Inventory, Purchasing, Shipping, Packaging. (DETAILS BELOW)

If this is the level of involvement you are expecting and wish to get involved, please fill out the following short Google Form, and I will contact you to discuss details with you in the next few days.

Link to Google Form


If you would like to discuss things further, please use the UtahSAINT SLACK system in Channel #saintcon-discuss. I will be popping in and out for the next few days to answer questions and discuss details if you would like.


Although this is just the Call for Committee for right now, there are MANY opportunities to get involved as we get closer to the conference. Please look at the upcoming opportunities to help you understand where you might best want to get involved:

  • CALL FOR CONTESTS - If you have a good idea for a security centric contest, we will be looking for people interested in proposing and running a contest that is of interest to our attendees. This process will occur closer to May, but no specific dates have been selected yet.
  • CALL FOR EVENTS - If you like things like "Hack in the Box", and have an idea for another event that would enrich the conference, we will be looking for people to propose and run social/community events during the conference.
  • CALL FOR STAFF - Similar to the committee, we use STAFF members to provide assistance to the committee members with their responsibilities. This generally includes planning and execution, but is less of a time commitment overall. Staff is usually recruited by the committee members directly, so if you have an area that you would like to be involved in, contacting that committee member would be prudent. (BUT NOT TILL AFTER APRIL 1st)
  • CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS - This is an opportunity to get involved and limit you time commitment to days generally just associated with the actual event. We usually need 40+ volunteers to make the conference run smooth. The Call for Volunteers usually occurs just prior to Registration Launch.


Keynotes, Trainers, and Presenters (OPEN)

One of the most important positions on the conference committee, this assignment is responsible for conducting the "Call for Papers" process, including developing the process for collecting and managing submissions.

This committee member will also be responsible with recruiting qualified and appropriate keynote speakers for the conference. This responsibility will be shared with the committee chairman, but remains the overall responsibility of this committee member.

When necessary this individual is responsible for recruiting and retaining talented keynotes, presenters and trainers to fill content for the conference.

This member will create and convene a subcommittee made up of conference committee members or others as necessary to review and approve presentation content with established review criteria. In addition this member is responsible for creating the overall presenter schedule and conference format.

This member will also be responsible for speaker operations during the conference.

This member will have a staff of volunteers to help in the administration of these functions prior to and during the conference event.

Major Responsibilities:
Administer the "Call for Presenters" function
Administer the "Call for Trainers" function
Recruit and schedule qualified keynotes
Administer the presenter selection criteria and process
Arrange the presenter schedule for the conference
Provide on-site support and logistics for Presenters at the conference
Collection of Presenter Materials
Keeping the presenters on schedule

Network and Wireless (OPEN)

This committee member is responsible for designing and building the SAINTCON conference network for our attendees and for administrative use. This includes acquiring and working with our internet vendors to provide additional capacity at the conference center and developing options for connecting the network to UEN, or through their offerings. This includes a strong wireless network capable of handling 1000+ people all at once and have them have a good experience.

This member will need to work with Internet Providers and Wireless Equipment Vendors to arrange free or low-cost solutions to providing wireless network services for the conference. This also includes the setup and tear-down of network resources, providing monitoring during the conference, and working with the various groups and venues to ensure that network needs are met.

Major Responsibilities:
Design and Implement a Wireless Network
Work with COMCAST to help provide low-cost connectivity
Work with UVCC to roll-out this network within their facility
Deploy and manage a large Wireless Network (1000+ clients)
Provide on-site monitoring and support for the network

Quartermaster (OPEN)

This member will be responsible for the purchase, acquisition, and management of equipment used for SAINTCON. This will include inventory and testing existing equipment, packing and arranging for transport of equipment to/from the conference venue. Working with committee members to determine the appropriate equipment needed to have a successful Conference.

This position will require the development of policies and procedures to best handle, inventory, and manage SAINTCON assets.

Major Responsibilities:
Inventory of SAINTCON assets and Testing of Equipment.
Primary party responsible for acquisition of SAINTCON assets/equipment.
Rent/Borrow space necessary to store and reconcile equipment
Pack and Transport SAINTCON equipment to/from the Conference
Special Requirements:
Committee Member would likely need to live/work in the Greater Salt Lake City area.