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Compukidmike, Redactd, and SHIFTY

Badgelife is the best life.  Come explore this crazy world of Badges and MiniBadges

Minibadges are a staple at SAINTCON. They can be either bought, sold, traded or earned for completing tasks at the conference.

If you have designed a Minibadge, and would like it included in this years build guide, please fill out this form BEFORE OCT 1st 2023.

Everything you need to know…

The official Badgelife Booth Trading Meetup Times are:

Tuesday – October 24th 2023
⦿ 11:00am – 11:30am

Wednesday – October 25th 2023
⦿ 11:00am – 11:30am
⦿ 3:00pm – 3:30pm

Thursday – October 26th 2023
⦿ 11:00am – 11:30am

Feel free to also organize your own meetups for bartering Minibadges.

How do we know what other people have for sale/trade?

Some of the unique things people design at SAINTCON have a larger price tag than others. Many people have expressed interest in recouping some of
the costs associated with making some of the cool things you may see around saintcon.

If you have a something you would like to trade or sell at SAINTCON. You can fill out this form to put your item into the SAINTCON 2023 Classifieds.

Once you do, your item will be listed in the SAINTCON 2023 BadgeLife Classifieds here.

What is the Archive?

SAINTCON maintains an official Archive of all official and unofficial minibadges donated by community members.

If you have designed your own minibadge, remember to bring a completed working minibadge to donate to our minibadge display for all to see!

Hours of Operation

  • Monday
    Expo Closed Monday
  • Tuesday
    10:30a – 5:00p
  • Wednesday
    10:30a – 5:00p
  • Thursday
    9:00a – 5:00p
  • Friday
    9:00a – 11:00a

MiniBadge Details

We will have a MiniBadge available at our Community.

Details are still being worked out, but to collect our MiniBadge, come visit our booth for more details on how get this cool MiniBadge.

Love our Community!

Desktop Wallpaper

Our community has desktop wallpaper available for download.