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Where SAINTCON can be enjoyed by the whole family.

SAINTCON Family Night Event is what it sounds like. It is an opportunity for conference attendees to bring their family to SAINTCON and show them all the cool things they’ve been talking about around the dinner table. Participating attendees will use critical-thinking, creativity, and imagination to experience all the event has to offer.

What’s going on at Family Night the year?

A few of our events are listed below:

– Kid Talks – CTF (bring a device to use!)
– Cipher Challenge – Bristle Bots
– Circuit Building – Rocket Building
– Soldering Station – Lego Racetrack
– Fingerprint Lifting – Keyboard Art
– Scavenger Hunt – Tinfoil Hats
– Lockpicking

You will hear presentations by kids and youth alike on the cool STEM topics they have learned or things they have accomplished (and we invite your kids/family to share too–see our call for presentations!).

For those of you excited about the CTF, please bring a device to play with!  All things can be accomplished in a web browser, so a phone or tablet could work, but a keyboard, and a native SSH client will make your life a little bit easier.

You will have opportunities to interact with passionate people in the cyber-security world, including some of our SAINTCON Communities where your eyes can be opened to the endless opportunities the field offers. The SAINTCON Family Night Event aims to ignite the passion we feel about cyber-security in a way that is accessible to people of all ages.

Who is Family Night for?

SAINTCON Family Night is geared toward family members of SAINTCON attendees who are between the ages 4-16, but you are encouraged to bring the whole family and be prepared for a great night!

SAINTCON Attendees can register their families (PARTICIPANTS) for the event beginning August 17th.  Tickets are limited to 500 participants, so register early! NOTE: all kids must be accompanied by at least one adult with a SAINTCON Conference badge.

Call for Artwork!

One thing we really love about SAINTCON Family Night Event is that it gives kids and the community hands on experiences that are not offered outside this group. This year we are hoping to get more participation from kids/families/the SAINTCON community.

We want YOU to design our event materials this year! We are looking for creative people to submit art for our Family Night Event t-shirts and sticker page.

We want to see your ideas! Come up with a sticker you’d put on your laptop or water bottle, or a t-shirt you’d wear! If your idea is picked by the planning committee, it will be featured on this year’s gear!

Submission is open to all ages! Please Note you must be signed into a Google account to view the form and  upload files.

Registration for the Event:

REGISTRATION for this event is for PARTICIPANTS of Family night (i.e., the kids/family members that you bring along to participate in the Family Night Activities.) 

PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPANTS of this event! Cost of the event is $12 per participant. This cost helps to cover the hard costs it takes to provide this event. Registration includes the event bag that contains the supplies needed for a great night.  These bags are geared for participants ages 4-16. 

Accompanying Adults (SAINTCON attendees and/or spouses) generally do NOT register and do NOT receive an event bag. There is no cost for Accompanying Adults/Family members. They can, however, purchase a Family Night T-shirt as part of event registration for an extra cost. NOTE: all kids must be accompanied by at least one adult with a SAINTCON Conference badge.

Registration begins August 19, 2024.  Click the button below to register now!

The Event Bag will include:

  •     Bag provided by the Family Night Event Sponsor, Compunet
  •     Family Night MiniBadge
  •     Hacker Stickers
  •     SAINTCON Minecraft™ Server Invitation
  •     Scavenger Hunt details, event maps, and other information.  
  •     Family Night T-Shirt (only available to the first 500 registrations). Supplies Limited.

Family Night MiniBadges and T-shirts

NOTE: Family Night MiniBadges and T-shirts will be available for purchase at the Official SAINTCON Store following Family Night (while supplies last). 

If you are looking only to collect those items, please refrain from purchasing Participant Event Bags just to claim aforementioned items.  Please reserve those bags for kids wanting to participate.

Family Night Presentations

Have a cool STEM related project you want to share? We want you as a Family Night Presenter! We are looking for kids/participants interested in presenting on any STEM topic or accomplishment.  Presenters get some really cool extra gear! Submit your idea!

CALL FOR PRESENTER submissions will be accepted soon.

We Need You!

ARE YOU A SAINTCON attendee with nothing planned for Thursday night and want to help? We are looking for volunteers to help us run our stations at the event. If you are available, we’d love to have you!

You must already be registered for a SAINTCON Conference badge, and the only renumeration available is our sincere Thanks.

SAINTCON Family Night is presented by the SAINTCON Widows, a group of women that was formed out of the desire to be involved and participate in SAINTCON. They are a group of incredible women with varying talents and capabilities that, when gathered together, have made this event one to remember.

Hours of Operation

  • Thursday Night
    24 October 2024
    6:00p – 8:30p
  • Registration Opens
    August 19, 2024
    Register Here
  • Kids PRE-register?
  • Adults Register?
  • Kids Presentations!
  • MiniBadges & T-shirts:
    Kids: Included

    Add to registration

    Non-attendees: Purchase at SAINTCON store on Friday
  • Volunteers Needed!
    Submit here.
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