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Build a LAN Cable, as fast as you can!

Have you ever built your own network cable? Maybe you’re a cable-making veteran and never want to crimp a network cable again… or maybe you’ve never even tried. Whatever you’re inclination you can at least try it once! Get ready to unleash or learn mad network cable crimping skills and test your RJ-45 crimping prowess in the LAN cable contest!

YOUR MISSION should you choose to accept it, is to:

  1. wire up and crimp jacks on both ends of a network cable as fast as you can, all while adhering to either the TIA-568 A or B standard (pick your poison, but no crossovers allowed!).
  2. When you think it’s correct, plug your cable into the RJ-45 jacks to test it.
  3. Once your cable passes the test the timer stops and your time is recorded. See if you can rank on the leaderboard!


At the booth there will be two devices for timing a cable making attempt and testing your cable. You will be provided with a length of CAT5 cable, two ends, and some basic tools. When you’re ready to begin you press the button to start the timer and the timer stops when you plug in a cable that is wired correctly. Watch the on-screen leaderboard to see if you rank among the top contestants.

What to bring

Just bring yourself!

We provide all the tools.  Actually, you must use our tools.


No skills needed… you can watch and learn if you’ve never built a LAN cable before and even try multiple times if it takes you a bit to get the hang of it.


1. Give a name or username to the volunteer at the booth when it is your turn.
2. Make sure you have a cable, ends, and tools ready before pressing the button.
3. Each timed attempt should start with no ends crimped to the cable… if you want to try again, cut both ends off the cable first.
4. Choose either the TIA-568A or TIA-568B standard… no crossover cables.
5. When you’re ready press the button to start the timer. If you press it again it will stop and reset the timer.
6. Your time will be recorded as soon as you have plugged in a correctly crimped cable to both tester jacks.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday
    Expo Closed Monday
  • Tuesday
    Noon – 5:00p
  • Wednesday
    9:00a – 5:00p
  • Thursday
    9:00a – 5:00p
  • Friday
    9:00a – 11:00a