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SAINTCON Call for Trainers

The UtahSAINT Organization is excited to announce the Open Call for TRAININGS/WORKSHOPS for the upcoming SAINTCON 2024 conference event.

Hi, I’m Tweekfawks

SAINTCON Trainers Manager

If you have any questions about TRAINING for SAINTCON, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


SAINTCON Trainings consists of four (4) dedicated training tracks covering one (1) day during the conference. Trainings and workshops at SAINTCON cover a variety of topics including light-weight discussions on governance, law, and policy through reverse engineering, exploitation, tooling, and security skills.

As such we are opening the “Open Call for Trainings/Workshops” effective immediately.

We are seeking proposals for the following general types, but will consider other proposals.

Content Types

We are looking for qualified participants to present within one of the following formats:

  • Training / Workshop (120 Minutes / 105 Minutes actual) – Skills Development Presentation with practical involvement.
  • Training (4 Hours / 3.5 hours actual) – Specific training opportunity on a particular skillset, tool, or hardware.
  • Training (8 Hours / 7 Hours actual) – Deep Dive Security based trainings on multiple topics.

Submission Process

In order to ensure we have the highest quality talks possible, and provide the attendees with great content, the following guidelines will be considered as we go through the selection process:

The more detail put into your submission the higher it will be weighted in the selection process.

If you have presented or trained at other conferences, please link videos if available.

If you intend to discuss a topic that can have any legal or controversial ramifications, please let us know. This does not disqualify, but helps us prepare appropriately.

Marketing, Product pitches, Sales talks are OK for you to submit for consideration, you MUST however note such intent in the CFT (Product/Service Promotion).

Our Expectations

Trainings and Workshops at SAINTCON are the primary place of learning and exploration for event attendees and members of the greater community.  As such, we expect the following general guidelines to be understood:

  • Trainings should be approachable and foster learning and exploration.

  • Trainings should AVOID when possible topics not associated with Cybersecurity, or off-topic platform issues.

Terms of Remuneration

Trainers at SAINTCON 2024 are entitled to the following:

  • Paid Travel (for trainers outside the greater Wasatch Front area)
  • Exclusive SAINTCON wearables
  • Exclusive SPEAKER MiniBadge
  • Invite to the VIP Party (RSVP required)
  • Full Conference Pass
  • Workshops and Trainers are eligible for compensation